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The Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit

The purpose of the R&D Tax Credit is to incentivize U.S. companies to continue and increase spending on research and development within the U.S. The tax credit is available to companies who create or improve a product or process in the course of their business.

Tax Credit vs. Deduction

Rather than lowering your taxable income like a deduction, the R&D Tax Credit is a direct reduction of the taxes you owe, based on expenses.

Businesses can claim the R&D credit retroactively by filing amended returns for any open tax years, which in most cases, is three years.

Benefits of Working
With Our Team

Our team performs a scientific and technical assessment of potentially eligible projects or ‘initiatives’ you have undertaken at your business. We work directly with your CPA to file the necessary state and federal tax forms and provide you with a written R&D study that defends why your claims are fully substantiated.

Our Process

Stage 1
Orientation and Feasibility

In order to help you get cash in your pocket through the research and development tax credit, we have to get to know you and your business or healthcare practice. We will interview you and the key members of your business or practice to identify projects, departments, processes, technologies, department leaders, and project managers where potential qualifying research expenditures may be found.

Stage 2
Discovery & Compilation

Most people don’t know how to claim R&D tax credits, which is why our team of professionals will build out the R&D study for you. Just like the body of an essay should explain, prove, and support a paper’s argumentative claim or thesis statement, an R&D study should research, explain, and defend the discoveries of Stage 1 of our process. During the discovery process, we interview additional company personnel, analyze contemporaneous documentation, link personnel and projects to finalize the quantitative calculation, and gather documentation needed to complete the study.

Stage 3
Collaboration & Delivery

An important ally throughout the R&D tax credit process is your trusted accounting team, CPA, or bookkeeper. We develop a relationship with your accounting team, which helps accommodate the discovery process and simplify the delivery and filing of your tax forms.

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